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It is our responsibility to give our future generation the skills and tools needed to help them enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. Our role as Ottawa Montessori educators is to nurture the steps a child takes so they can confidently spread their wings and take flight on their life long journey... more.

about maria montessori

Maria Montessori dedicated her life to observing and working with children. Developing her own materials and methods to educate children, she opened the first Montessori school, La Casa dei Bambini and her teachings have been passed on for over 100 years... more.

the montessori experience

Ms. Shona, the head directress of Ottawa's First Journey Montessori School was trained and certified by the North American Montessori Centre (NAMC)... more.

testimonials from ottawa montessori school parents

Most importantly to us, Shona was able to not only decipher the needs of our daughter, but provide for her the environment to flourish and evolve from a toddler to a very independent and confident child... more.

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Summer Program now taking registrations. Toddlers need to learn in a nurturing environment where they can develop self-confidence, self-discipline and a sense of purpose. Find more about the class schedule and how to register.

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First Journey Montessori Inc.
1551 Laperriere Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7T2

Phone: 613-729-3300
E-mail: shona@firstjourney.ca

We will be holding an open house on the last Thursday of every month. These will be held from 9:30am - 4:30pm.

We are currently accepting resumes for Toddler and Casa teaching and assistant positions. Please send resumes by mail or email them to shona@firstjourney.ca.

First Journey is now taking registrations for its bilingual Casa program

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